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Dear Parents / Guardians

We have come to the end of yet another fruitful term in the life of our children. It has been a very busy rewarding term. The children worked so hard and indeed they deserve a break.


Our exams for this term went on very well and the results are shown below:


1B - All passed
1Y - All passed
2R - 100%
2B - 100%
3R - 97%
3B - 94%
4R - 96%
4B - 90%
5R - 100%
5B - 97%
6R - 89%
6B - 96%
7R - 100%
7B - 97%

All pupils from E.C.D to Grade 7 have been given reports except those who have not paid fees. Please find time to discuss the academic performance of your child. Find out where your child has challenges. Also find out if there is any need to visit a doctor for any ailment. This is the time to do that.

The school has not lost its academic thrust. We are still committed to being the best school in the country academically.


This coming term, its winter and we expect your child to be in complete winter uniform. I am disappointed to say that we still have children who come to school in incomplete school uniform. If you cant afford to provide complete uniform, Old Windsor is a wrong place for your child. Parents, it is your responsibility to ensure your child is properly dressed.


I would like to thank all the parents who paid fees timeously.

For your convenience, the instalment system is still in place, take advantage of it.

1st Instalment - $240 before opening or on the opening day.
2nd Instalment - $120 End of May
3rd Instalment - $120 End of June

Parents who are able to pay the whole amount can do it.


a) The Cultural Day 2012

This event is coming next term. The theme for this year is “We are a Family”. In line with this theme, families are going to participate. We are going to have singing and dancing competitions for families.

b) Trips

As a way of enhancing quality, the school is now more concerned with trips per grade instead of bunching various grades. It is important that you pay now, so that we plan accordingly.

Here are the trips, dates and costs


E.C.D - 17 July - Traffic Centre $40
Grade 1 - 13 June - Imire Safaris $50
Grade 2 - 30 May - Mwanga Lodge $50
Grade 3 - 27-29 June - Chengeta Lodge $150
Grade 4 & 5 - 10 August - Kariba $240
Grade 6 - 26-29 June - Far and wide leadership Training Nyanga $150
Grade 7 - 16-19 May - Lasting Impress Team building Kadoma $150

* Please note – Chengeta is proving to be very expensive, so the venue for the Grade 3 trip maybe changed.

All trips are compulsory.


Our sports are moving from strength to strength. This term we took part in inter- schools Athletics held at Mobeena Ibrahim (formerly Ridgeview) in Belvedere. Out of 6 schools, our school came first. Slowly and slowly we are getting there. Next term, there will be a number of ball games. Ensure you discuss with your child which sports the child is interested in and buy the relevant equipment and attire early.


The school would like to thank all parents who donated books or cash to enhance the class libraries. Those who have not yet done so please, the door is still open.

The Kajotele family, Grade 7 parents, donated 21 Shona textbooks for this grade. We are deeply appreciative.


The office will be open on the following dates:

4 to 17 April excluding public holidays and 2 to 7th May from 8am to 2pm.

Have a pleasant holiday and please take good care of our children during the Easter and Independence holiday.

Mafekeni S.



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